Logo Use and Messaging Guidelines for Positive Trackers

·      Agree to have the Positive Tracks logo and messaging on your promotional efforts, fundraising missives and registration page. Use our 2017 Who We Are one pager and 2017 Boilerplate to explain Positive Tracks and how we’ve helped you. Use your sponsor’s boilerplate language and logo, and also your beneficiary’s logo and suggested language also.

·      If you are creating flyers or posters, please include our logo below. Make sure logos are of equal size and have roughly similar exposure or placement on any promotional materials. We are happy to help you adjust any flyers or posters you make to incorporate this logo!

·     Protect the integrity of Positive Tracks and its partners by checking in with Positive Tracks staff and coordinators and abiding by each organization’s policies and protocol for independent fundraising efforts, logo usage, and style guide.  Adding Positive Tracks to your title recognizes Positive Tracks as your activation partner and support crew, plus lets donors know that their dollars will be doubled when they support your effort!

·      Comply with print and social media messaging that Positive Tracks and other charity beneficiaries recommend. Please add Positive Tracks’ logo to your Facebook event page and tag us (@Positive Tracks) in your shout outs to family and friends. Use @PosTracks in your tweets and @PosTracks on Instagram.

·      Hand out and display Positive Tracks promotional materials you receive.

·      Check out the Media Kit for Positive Tracks guidelines and resources related to your promotional effort.

Stewardship Guidelines For Positive Trackers & Mentors


We want your fundraising events to be successful! Once Positive Tracks or a charity beneficiary has approved your independent fundraising effort, Positive Tracks/organization/event staff would love to help promote your event through our website, blog and social media channels. Please understand that not all charities (including Positive Tracks) are staffed to promote your efforts full-time, and that Positive Tracks Charity Partners reserve the right to refuse to promote any independent efforts which are not approved by event staff.


The mission of Positive Tracks is to help youth people get active and give back. We combine athletics and philanthropy to help young people make the world a better place, starting with themselves.


Anyone wishing to request monetary or in-kind donations from a company should first seek approval from Positive Tracks and charity beneficiaries. This will avoid duplicating efforts or jeopardizing current corporate partnerships.


Positive Tracks strongly discourages youth organizers from conducting raffles or other gaming activities in connection with their fundraising activities without checking with legal sources first. It is the responsibility of the organizer to be sure that fundraising activities comply with all state and federal laws. Positive Tracks takes no legal responsibility for the activities conducted by an independent fundraiser benefiting one of its charity beneficiaries.


Please inform Positive Tracks and your charity’s staff well in advance if you’d like a representative of Positive Tracks or your charity/event to attend in an official capacity (to welcome guests, thank participants, make any remarks or join in the ceremonies). While we can’t guarantee attendance, we’ll do our best to have a representative attend your event to thank, support and celebrate you!


While charity/event staff is pleased to answer questions and provide general information, the ultimate responsibility for meeting these obligations rests with the Independent Organizer or group. Positive Tracks takes no legal responsibility for the activities conducted by an independent fundraiser benefiting a Positive Tracks Charity Partner. Failure to comply with guidelines and rules may result in immediate removal from the Charity Partner’s Athletic Event and outside reporting of behavior as appropriate.


If you’re overwhelmed by all these rules and request, take a deep breath, and realize that you’re learning important stuff about how to steward an organization’s brand and values.  Please contact Positive Tracks with any questions you have about promotional efforts or logo usage. And thanks in advance for your participation, support and sweat!