Why Does It Work?

Kids, who have neither credit cards nor cash on-hand to effect change in the world, respond passionately to the message that their own bodies can turn sweat into gold. Many young people are drawn first to the athletic challenge, but when they connect with the people and places their service touches, we often gain a lifelong convert to active civic engagement.

The key is in ownership. Youth don’t want to be a cog in the wheel, but instead want a seat at the table in creating solutions to the world’s greatest problems.  The goal is to ignite what’s innate in every kid: compassion, vision, strength. We help remove barriers and then get out of kids’ way.

Athletics provide starting lines, deadlines, goals and mobilized community. Youth want to pull peers into something meaningful, relevant and fun. Sport provides a level playing field and safe space where youth can advocate for causes that shape their communities and world.

We know we’re onto something special. Our formula has been confirmed by Cone Communications as unique: no other nonprofit in the country combines athletics with philanthropy at the meta-level to build a national youth culture of active generosity so kids can do good, making themselves stronger and healthier emotionally and physically in the process.

Positive Tracks is building the first wave of a new movement, one that will lead to every child in America being exposed to the opportunity to get active and give back, making themselves and the world better in the process. Join us!