The Positive Tracks Curriculum teaches why getting active and giving back is healthy, fun and essential – for today’s youth and for tomorrow’s world. The goal is to provide urgency and tools necessary for youth to use their own physical power and a sports lens to develop a generous spirit and healthy body.

Thrpyramid picough physical activities and games, group discovery, thoughtful reflection and service learning, the goal is to help all young people – regardless of ability or background – understand the role they can play in actively supporting the causes, services, and missions that shape their world.

Positive Trackers are energized and motivated by the Sweat For Good Curriculum, and better understand what they are doing and why it’s important for them to get involved with causes they care about. The curriculum makes “civic active-ism” more mindful and intentional.

A short-term outcome is that youth will have a successful charitable athletic experience within 6 months of curriculum delivery.

A long-term outcome is that the curriculum, in combination with participation in a successful fundraising event, leads to real empowerment and a sense of lasting urgency to be involved, measured by civic participation in 3 charitable athletic efforts in the following 36 months. Participation, evidence of civic leadership and physical literacy will be tracked through follow up questionnaires and surveys.


We bring our program model to schools, organizations, businesses, clubs and teams by teaching curriculum pillars at Positive Tracks clinics using dialogue, games, activities, reflection and service learning. Each of the six modules begins with a brief explanation of the pillar and its relevance to getting active and giving back. Personal stoResized_20160721_151641ry-telling and group sharing is the foundation of each pillar. Participants are then led in games, physical challenges and activities to help them understand and strengthen understanding. Group reflection and goal setting concludes each pillar supplemented by use of the Positive Tracks Playbook. To make the learning “real”, Positive Tracks offers a guided, hands-on service-learning experience that allows students to apply sweat for good learning and goals as follow up to curriculum delivery. See U23 Challenges Program and Charity Partner Program for examples of Positive Tracks service learning opportunities.

Each participant is provided with his or her own Playbook that serves as a permanent resource. Throughout each module, youth are prompted to record goals and reflections in their own Playbooks, where the appropriate space and prompts are provided.


  1. STRONG CORE – “Civic Active-ism” is powered by a strong core of empathy, compassion and integrity that not only motivates you to help others but also enables you to identify need in people and places around you. In athletics, your core—the foundation of muscles that run between your shoulders and your hips—powers all-important activity, too.
  1. POWERFUL TEAM – Whether training for physical challenge, or fundraising for a cause, a powerful community is essential. Team support gives you confidence to take on big things, motivation to work together, and opportunities to lead. Leadership, communication and building consensus are key focuses.
  1.  HEALTHY BODY – Taking care of your own body assures that you’re in the best position to do good for others. Physical literacy, proper nutrition, hydration and rest create the foundation to maintain the energy, motivation and mojo needed to pursue goals and stay healthy.
  1. POSITIVE MIND – Taking healthy risks, keeping a positive attitude, accepting and learning from failure, jumping out of your comfort zone—they’re all in your head. Courage, confidence and mindset helps you envision, activate and meet goals.
  1. GOOD GRIT – Committing to a cause and training for an athletic effort is a long road. Along the way you’ll find success, as well as setback and failure. Finding a starting line and making it all the way to the finish through the ups and downs takes initiative, perseverance and resiliency.
  1. GAME PLAN – Game Plan incorporates planning tools from the Positive Tracks GoKit that help young people focus, execute and deliver a sweat for good effort through a Positive Tracks program or beyond. Focuses include outreach strategy, team building, vision, and the importance of accountability, feasibility, resourcefulness, and stewardship.


IMG_1085Evaluators continually measure the outcomes and impact of curriculum delivery by rigorous qualitative and quantitative measures including data and evidence from surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups with participants and other key constituents. Specifically, these efforts uncover an increase in civic leadership and physical literacy in the lives of youth participating in Positive Tracks curriculum delivery and programs.

Evaluator Alisha Greenberg is a leader in sports philanthropy who has spent over a decade evaluating organizations as director of the annual Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sports Award and she also pioneered the first and only academic program in the field of sports philanthropy. Evaluator Kathy Babiak is an Associate Professor in the Sport Management Department at University of Michigan. Read about participant attributes and behaviors measured, here.