By the end of 2017, we project that 52,424 Positive Trackers will turn 282,594 miles of athletic activity into $9,185,439 for multiple charities since inception. To this end, young people are traveling thousands of miles running and walking, playing field sports, riding their bikes, hiking, playing wiffle ball, skiing, boarding and hip-hopping their way to turning sweat into gold for causes they care about.

Positive Tracks is now midway through a comprehensive independent evaluation of our programs’ transformative impact on youth as they progress along a rubric of philanthletic indicators that tracks youth growth through four stages, from “Finding a Starting Line” to “Denting the Universe”.

According to findings from independent evaluators, our programs have a significant impact on youth: they lead to increased confidence as leaders, increased empathy and perseverance, increased physical fitness, and newly developed entrepreneurial skills, including creativityinnovation and self-efficacy. Read more about our evaluation strategy, here.

Leading the program evaluation effort is dynamic duo Kathy Babiak and Alisha Greenberg. Alisha Greenberg pioneered the first and only academic program in sports philanthropy and she is the Director of the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sports Award. Dr. Kathy Babiak co-directs the Michigan Center for Sports Management, as well as SHARP: the Sport, Health & Activity Research & Policy Center for Women & Girls.