With Positive Tracks’ programs helping youth get active and give back all across the country, it’s important to take a moment and celebrate the people and partners who make our sweat for good mission happen right in own backyard. No corporate partner has had a greater impact on Positive Tracks programs in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley than our friends at Hypertherm and the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation.

paddlepower-bridgeThe Hypertherm HOPE Foundation and Hypertherm Associates love and live the sweat for good mantra – so much so that they direct financial support and the muscle of their Associates and families to help expand Positive Tracks’ Charity Partner Program. Thanks to a generous grant award from the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation, Positive Tracks was able to activate, support, and incentivize local youth to sweat for good for two new Upper Valley Charity Partners events – PaddlePower for West Central Behavioral Health and the Rail Trail Ramble for Headrest.

“Hypertherm and Hypertherm Associates care deeply about our community and the organizations and people within it. To know that a company that stands for innovation, wellness, and “pay it forward” community engagement believes in our mission and program model is deeply motivating and appreciated,” says Nini Meyer, President and Founder, Positive Tracks.

Over the years, Hypertherm HOPE Teams have awarded grants to hundreds of nonprofit organizations working on our shared mission of creating sustainable, positive change in the the community and environment. Combining financial funding with thousands of Associate volunteer hours accelerates Hypertherm’s impact wherever Associates live and work.

img_1351“When you make getting active and giving back part of your corporate culture, it’s a winning combination. We saw in Positive Tracks a unique opportunity to not only support an innovative mission, but also align our corporate philanthropy with a unique call to action for Hypertherm Associates and their families,” says Stacey Chiocchio, Community Citizenship Manager at Hypertherm.

And Hypertherm Associates are no strangers to getting active! In fact, Associates have access to an amazing onsite gym, health clinic, and a regular schedule of community athletic events.

“Getting active is a big part of Hypertherm culture,” observes Jesse Tyler, Organizational Development Specialist and member of the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation Team.  “Active” at Hypertherm can range from going outside for walking meetings to informal group runs and sports at lunchtime to participating in large group volunteer projects in the community. Associates encourage each other to get outside, get moving and have fun challenging each other through the fitness tracker program.  Often, Associates active sports mindedness and active participation in bettering local communities are combined through participation in activities such as the CHaD HERO, The Prouty, Rail Trail Ramble, PaddlePower, clearing trails for the Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Upper Valley Land Trust, and Lebanon Recreation.


In addition to PaddlePower and Rail Trail Ramble, all youth are encouraged to participate in the Positive Tracks U23 Challenges Program to sweat for good for causes that shape their communities and world.

Check out our feature story on Ian and Team Paddle for Jazzie from PaddlePower.

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