WE’VE LEARNED A LOT FROM WORKING WITH YOU, GENERATION NEXT! And your eagerness to sweat for good is nothing short of AWESOME. You’re blowing up our inboxes to share news of cool charitable athletic events, favorite organizations, and inspiring schemes to engage your friends and community in making the world a better place.

Long/short is: You want to choose the organization you support, and you want to decide exactly HOW to support it. You are also seeking our help, and have respectfully asked for help getting started and personalized expertise. We’ve answered you with the Positive Tracks U23 Challenges Program.

WHAT’S A U23 CHALLENGE? It’s simple! U23 Challenges are youth-powered charitable athletic events. You choose the organization you want to help, and how you want to help it. Your effort could plug into an existing event (say, a local 5K or the North Face Endurance Challenge), or you could design your own (maybe a solo trek up a mountain, a 20 person dodgeball tournament, or a Burpee Challenge executed in the comfort of your own home). Whatever it is, as long as it’s active, Positive Tracks wants to support you! You can use your event to raise awareness about a cause (for example, you could teach friends about the importance of suicide prevention during a Ping Pong tournament); or, you can use your event to raise dollars for a specific organization. See current and past U23 Challenges for inspiration. 

HOW POSITIVE TRACKS HELPS: Positive Tracks provides hands on help wherever you need it, and plenty of enthusiasm, too. We’ll help you get started; reach out to your friends and communities; raise awareness and/or dollars; give you cool swag and matching dollar incentives; teach you everything we know about leadership training and team-building, perseverance and goal setting, event planning and logistics, communications & marketing including building a pitch, public speaking, writing emails & thank you notes. We even help with electronic registration & fundraising pages, gift processing, insurance & risk-management. Our favorite part though? Cheerleading and trouble-shooting. WE WANT THIS TO BE FUN.


1. Potential youth captains apply here. Want to see questions ahead of time or print out the application and mail it in? Go here

2. Once we accept your U23 Challenge, we connect with you to help formulate your vision, event and game plan. We’ll also pair you with a Peer Coach – a past U23 Challenge Captain – if you want one. And, if you’re young enough to have the support of an adult, we connect with your parent, teacher, coach, etc. 

3. We help you design a registration and fundraising plan (if fundraising is a goal).

4. We help with planning and team building all the way through event day logistics so efforts are fun, positive and meaningful experiences for everyone involved. We also have an extensive library of toolkits that we call GO-Kits.

5. After event conclusion, we process your charitable contribution to the Captain’s selected organization. Every dollar raised goes to the organization, in addition to Positive Tracks’ matches.

6. We work together to celebrate and amplify your story via social media channels, blogs and videos.

READY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN? Click Submit An Application below, or contact Liz Gray for a personal consult.










Positive Tracks is thrilled that you want to get active and give back for a cause you believe in, however we will not support: Discrimination of any type; Attempts to influence legislation; Political candidates; Sectarian religious activity (any organization that has an established theological or spiritual purpose or perspective);  Organizations without a base in the U.S. (through either U.S. nonprofit status or fiscal sponsorship).