Much has been written and studied about the potential adverse effects on young bodies of running long distances.  Good news is: as long as you build up to it, avoid running through pain, and most importantly, remain motivated by your own desire, you can go for it.

Are you a youngster – or helping a youngster – kickstart a running effort? Download Safe Running Start For Youngsters or check out Tips for Running a 5K with Young Children.


Runner’s World Beginner Half Marathon Training Program will help you build the foundation you need to give distance running a shot. If running is already your thing and you’re looking to improve your Half Marathon prowess, see 10 Tips to Run Your Best Half Marathon for tips on boosting speed and endurance.


For a comprehensive guide on smart eating, check out Runner’s World Nutrition for Runners for these highlights:

•    Eat Real Food—the fewer the ingredients the better, and they should be pronounceable

•    Choose Quality Carbs—think unprocessed grains, fruits and vegetables

•    Write it Down—keep a log and the truth will come out

•    Indulge on Occasion—little treats are better than the all out binge from feeling deprived

•    Drink Deliberately—go light on juices, skip the soda, and go big on water


More isn’t always better, and runners are especially susceptible to overuse injuries. Runner’s World’s 5 Keys to Running Healthy and Staying Injury Free explains that most running injuries are caused by the “Terrible Too’s,” doing too much, too soon, too fast. Training smart means paying attention to your body. If your aches and pains aren’t going away, check out or download Overuse Injuries Defined.

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