Mason McNulty (Co-Chair), 20

Mason McNulty is a sophomore at Haverford College, where she plays on the varsity field hockey team and is an intended Political Science major and Economics minor. She hails from Hanover, New Hampshire, where she has been heavily influenced by the prevalence of people seeking to do good in their local community. She has been lucky enough to experience life in Peru and western Africa: two places that inspired her to combine the power of photography and words to create her own fundraiser for a girl’s school in Peru. Mason seeks to combine creative communicative mediums with people’s innate passion to give in order to raise money for projects that really matter. Her favorite food is pickles, although she’s aware of how strange that is.

Mason In 140 Characters Or Less: Teammate; Cupcake Connoisseur; Never Leave The Office Before Your Boss; Strength To Lead, Faith To Follow

Jasper Meyer (Co-Chair), 18

Jasper lives in Lyme, NH, and attends Hanover High School, in Hanover, NH. Jasper has been involved with Positive Tracks for eight years and has organized fundraisers for CHaD, The Dempsey Center, Travis Roy Foundation, Mote Marine, Big City Mountaineers and The Turtle Ridge Foundation. His efforts include throwing a Frisbee Golf Tournament on a self-developed course, to skiing from dawn ‘till dusk monetizing ski runs. Jasper plays tennis, soccer, and golf, and enjoys traveling to new ski mountains around Vermont, New Hampshire and Utah. In school, he loves learning new math and science, and sits on the Hanover High School Student Council and on his Class Committee. He enjoys hiking, biking, and riding many types of boards behind ski boats.

Jasper In 140 Characters Or Less: Give Back; Hungry 4 Knowledge from Books + Learning from People; Lift While You Climb; Ask “What If?”; See The World 4 Perspective, Cultures 4 Wisdom

Cam Beecy, 21

Cam is from Stowe, VT and is a sophomore at Norwich University where he is pursuing his interest in the human body by studying Nursing. He attended Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, NH where he was the All School President.  Cam has a love for traveling that was sparked from being born in Japan. He credits his parents for his love of service and helping others.  Cam loves to play hockey, lacrosse, and enjoys the outdoors. Cam’s experience with philanthropy includes running a Grassroot Soccer 3v3 tournament at KUA, as well as continuous participation in many other events, including captaining the Positive Thwackers Team at Travis Roy Wiffle Ball Tournament in 2015 and 2016.

Cam In 140 Characters Or Less:  Be The Man In The Arena; Live In The Moment; If It Ain’t Fun, It Ain’t Worth Doing; No Pain No Gain; Lover Not A Fighter

Dan Bell, 23

Dan is from Simsbury, CT and is a 2015 graduate of Bates College. After graduation, he will coach alpine ski racing in Winter Park, CO. He loves all things active- including ski racing, mountain biking, hiking, marathon running, lacrosse and jumping off tall objects into water. Dan completed the grueling Moab Trail Marathon in 2014 to raise funds for Positive Tracks and has been a coach at the ELITEAM camp for many years. Dan is an aspiring Sports Psychologist and has a goal of helping as many athletes as possible reach their potential. Dan could live off of peanut butter and ice coffee, and can wiggle his ears.

Dan In 140 Characters Or Less: Best In The World; Mind Over Matter; Do It For The Story

Ella Boucher, 13

Ella is from Auburn, ME and is an 8th grader at Auburn Middle School. She loves to play soccer, ski, and run track, but also loves to be involved with her community.  Ella has been participating in the Dempsey Challenge to raise money for the Dempsey Center since she was 9—first by making and selling friendship bracelets with the local high school group PT RED EDDIES, which she is still apart of today. The next year she co-founded D4D-Delicious for Dempsey with her friend Molly. They have been baking cupcakes and running the Dempsey Challenge ever since!

Ella In 140 Characters Or Less: Dream big, Elephants, Be You, Soccer, Skiing, Learn Something New Everyday, Community, Friends, Family, Be Happy.

Kate Dumanian, 20

Kate Dumanian is a mountain-lover from Los Altos, CA. She attends Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, where she is an active participant in the Outing Club, and studies Economics and Education. Kate loves hiking, backpacking, running and anything involving chocolate. Her favorite thing to do after class is throw on her tennis shoes and go for a trail run. Kate is passionate about sharing the magic of the outdoors, including Big City Mountaineers and the Tucker Foundation’s Outdoor Leadership Experience program at Dartmouth. Kate hopes to one day hike the Pacific Coast Trail and be a guide for an adventure company.

Kate In 140 Characters Or Less: Wilderness Woman; Have Courage; Work Hard; Be Kind; Brothers = Best Friends; Nature Is The Best Medicine

Josh Elkes, 24

Josh currently works at Getty Images. Previously, he worked for Downtown Records managing the label’s A&R department.  He also oversees nonprofit relations and partnerships at the FOND Group, a cause-based marketing agency with a mission to offer ‘big business’ expertise to ‘good business’, regardless of budget. Since settling in New York in 2009 to study Jazz Guitar at The New School and graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, Elkes has enjoyed a rewarding career in the music industry and become a valued advocate and consultant for several highly regarded nonprofits.  Elkes is the creator of a the James Beard culinary scholarship – “The Elkes Family Culinary Scholarship,” and launched a live-online cooking show from the James Beard Foundation’s kitchen, called He has also overseen successful fundraising initiatives for AIDS/HIV prevention organization, Grassroot Soccer. His fundraising efforts for Grassroots includes a trip to South Africa to run the Two Oceans Ultramarathon (35 miles) and completing the Vermont 50 Ultra (50 miles). Most recently, Elkes completed a 230 mile, 9 day run across Haiti for the organization, Team Tassy.

Josh In 140 Characters Or Less: Music Nerd; Outdoors Addict; Passionate Entrepreneur; You’re On The Field Or In The Stands; Run Far; Empower Yourself & Others To Do Good

Ali Fraenkel, 22

Ali is a Hudson Valley native of Rhinebeck, NY. Raised in a one-traffic light town, her heart has since been scattered to lands beyond thanks to her time as an undergraduate student at Northeastern University in Boston, MA where she is currently finishing her last semester for a dual degree in Human Services and International Affairs, including a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. Civic engagement, community building, cross cultural collaboration, and strategic philanthropy have all been integral to her experiences as a learner and worker. Ali is a strong believer in the power of movement – whether through exercise, volunteering, adventuring, art, building or exchanging ideas. She says, “When you get things moving, that’s when the magic happens.” While Ali has been energized by her extensive travels, her relationships with Hudson Valley and Boston-based nonprofits have fueled her involvement in the social sector since her pre-teen years. Ali serves on the Board of Directors for Ascienzo Family Foundation and has worked on behalf of multiple foundations, grant making initiatives, and education-focused nonprofits. The mantra “Dream Big, Do Bigger” drives Ali to build the goodness in the friendships, families and communities she is grateful to be a part of.

Ali In 140 Characters Or Less: Small But Mighty; The Classroom Is Everywhere; Potluck Enthusiast; Skips Down Sidewalks; Better Hugs Build A Better World; Ask More Questions; Power Of WE

Dana Giordano, 22

Dana Giordano is a student-athlete at Dartmouth College. Dana was born in Singapore, but raised in Bernardsville, New Jersey. At Dartmouth, Dana is pursuing a major in Psychology and a Human Centered Design minor. Dana is a member of the Dartmouth Cross Country and Track teams. She is a long distance runner, All American, and overall super competitive person. Dana found Positive Tracks through her internship at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Community Relations office. Her philanthetic past began with fundraising and running the Falmouth Road race for Children’s Hospital Boston. Dana is interested in marketing, advertising, and corporate social responsibility. She lives by the mantra dance like no one is watching… but if they are watching have them join!

Dana In 140 Characters Or Less: Believer In The Power of Positive Energy; Runner, Racer & Teammate; Sister; Loves to Meet New People; Smiles & Can’t Stop Moving Attitude

Morgan Lee, 23

Morgan hails from Guilford, CT. He graduated from Bates College and majored in economics and math. He enjoys playing hockey, mountain biking, scuba diving, hiking and coaching lacrosse. Morgan wants to bring the heart back to finance and banking; inspire others to believe in and better themselves; coach a championship team; run a half-marathon; beat his fundraising records every year; and visit all the major European soccer stadiums. Morgan got his start in philanthropic pursuits after cancer touched close to home. After seeing the amazing care and smiles that organizations gave his family, he was hooked with doing the most he could to help others. This year, he’ll be studying abroad in Rome, where he’ll be running a virtual Dempsey Challenge through the scenic city.

Morgan in 140 Characters Or Less: Life Takes Risk – You Have To Climb The Tallest Mountain To Find The Greatest View; Push Harder To Go Further; Enthusiastic Talker; GrATTITUDE

Cam Marshall, 17

Cam, the 4th oldest in a family of 8, is from Lyme, NH and attends Hanover High School. He enjoys lacrosse, cycling, summertime golf, hanging out with friends and giving back. After attending college, he hopes to pursue a career in the medical or political field. Cam is a leukemia survivor and has been cancer free for three years now. In 2009, Cam’s local community rallied around him and his battle with cancer to create Cam’s Course, a one mile fun run at the CHaD HERO. Cam has been a frequent participant and fundraiser at both the CHaD HERO and the Dempsey Challenge.

Cam in 140 Characters Or Less: Athletic; Selfless; Fun; Courageous; Beagles Best Friend; Creative; Outgoing

Braxton McNulty, 17

Braxton lives in Hanover, NH and is a senior at Hanover High School. At the high school, Braxton plays hockey and baseball, is a peer leader, member of his grade’s class committee, and helps run the environmental club. During the summer, Braxton is a counselor at Camp Dudley in Westport, NY. Camp Dudley is one of his favorite places on earth and after his fifth summer at the camp, he knew he wanted to give back to that organization. Braxton organized a kickball tournament to raise money for the William J. Schmidt scholarship fund at Camp Dudley. Braxton hopes to contribute more to community projects and to help influence the next generation.

Braxton in 140 Characters Or Less: Listening First; Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone; Summer Camp; Skinny Dipping, Birthday Bonfires; Puck Love; Friendship; More Cowbell


Mahler Meyerrose, 18

Mahler lives in Norwich, VT and is a senior at Hanover High School. She loves hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, rock climbing and snowshoeing with her dog, Elvis. She is one of the leaders of the Hanover Outing Club and enjoys leading students through the White Mountains on weekends. Recently, Mahler went to Nicaragua with a school group to build two houses with Bridges to Community. She discovered a passion for a sense of community and faith in the village of Masaya where she stayed. She believes that the people there helped her and taught her much more than she helped and taught them. She hopes to go again.

Mahler In 140 characters Or Less: Outdoor Enthusiast; Expert Dog Petter; Farmer’s Market Go-er; Baked Goods Maker; Lover of an Organized Mess; Learning From Everything

Rakiya Mohamed, 20

Rakiya is a rising sophomore at Bates College in Maine. She’s from Jijiga, Ethiopia, but has lived in Auburn, ME for the past 13 years. Rakiya attended Edward Little High School and was a member of Edward Little High’s Positive Tracks Club. She was also a member of Team Red Eddies at the Dempsey Challenge. She hopes to double major in Biology and African American studies. Rakiya enjoys playing club rugby and field hockey at Bates. Her hobbies include creating events and safe spaces to have conversations about current issues – and hopefully figure out solutions to them. She hopes to inspire others in whatever she does; and one day, she wants to create an organization or community center that is oriented to support her community.

Rakiya In 140 Characters Or Less: I Have Great Respect For Those Who Are Selfless; I Truly Believe That Helping and Caring For One Another Is the Truest Form of Love

Charlie Myers, 18

FullSizeRender (61)Charlie is from Jericho, VT and is a senior at Kimball Union Academy. Charlie enjoys anything in the outdoors, especially when he is surrounded by his friends. His passions are lacrosse, skiing, scuba diving and exploring places far and wide. Charlie teaches young athletes tennis in the old North End of Burlington, with a non-profit organization, Kids On The Ball. Charlie’s introduction to Positive Tracks was when he played on the Positive Thwackers Team at the Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament. After that, he was hooked! Since then, Charlie has run in the CHaD HERO race and for Positive Tracks at the Covered Bridges Half-Marathon.

Charlie In 140 Characters Or Less:You’re A Part Of A Whole; Humorous; Present; Connector; Grateful; Music Lover; Just Keep Swimming; Sharing Is Caring; “Play The Next Ball”

Sydney Paul, 17

Syd is from Wellesley, MA and currently attends Wellesley High School. She has played many sports including soccer and basketball, but is now focusing her time and energy on competitive rowing. She hopes to be able to pursue this in college too. Someday, Syd hopes to have a career where she can combine traveling and making a difference. She certainly knows how to make a difference already. In 2015, Syd was the top Positive Tracks fundraiser at the Dempsey Challenge. Check out that story here.

Syd in 140 Characters Or Less: Never Stop Exploring; Adrenaline Addict; Work Hard, Play Hard; Live A Great Story; Keep Calm And Row On; Give Back

Mary O’Connell, 22

Mary is originally from Steamboat Springs, CO where she grew up playing in the mountains with her family. She’s a graduate from Dartmouth College now lives in Craftsbury, VT where she is pursuing cross country skiing professionally. At Dartmouth she was the captain of the Varsity Ski Team and the athletic department’s Jaeger Civic Intern during her senior year. She has been involved in philanthropy since the beginning of high school and throughout her experiences as a varsity student athlete. She became more involved in the Upper Valley community and Positive Tracks and was ultimately a U23 Challenge Captain for The Memorial Challenge. Mary is a believer that giving back to communities, and becoming involved in them, can empower individuals and has been able to use “philanthetics” to overcome obstacles in her own life. Mary hopes to continue to participate in her new community and find ways to get more youth in the area involved as well. She also hopes to use her professional skiing platform to bring philanthetics to more parts of the world!

Mary In 140 Characters Or Less: Teammate, Leader And Competitor; Joke-Telling Master; Sister; Attitude Determines Altitude; Embrace And Be Grateful For Every Opportunity; Just Keep Pedaling

Sophie Pellegrini, 22

1238208_10151899309012354_1665409503_n-2Sophie Pellegrini is a recent graduate of Bates College, where she received her B.A. in Psychology and Studio Art. She worked extensively in the Bates Office of Admission, led the Photography Club, spearheaded the creation and leadership of her school’s ‘Cats Against Cancer’ club, and worked as a research assistant with The Healing Tree at the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing. Sophie is from Potomac, Maryland, but currently lives in Scotland where she is pursuing her Masters of Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art. She is an avid photographer and co-editor of Tigress Magazine for Girls.

Sophie In 140 Characters Or Less: Believer in Serendipity and the Goodness of People, World Explorer, Sensitive and Curious, Crafter and Baker, Collector of Trinkets and Moments, Lover of Floppy-Earred Bunnies

Sam Strohbehn, 18

IMG_9806-XLSam is from Norwich, VT, and a recent graduate of Hanover High School. At HHS, he was a member of the soccer and ski jumping teams for all four years and enjoys everything outdoors. he has been on numerous service trips throughout his high school career, latching on to the many do-good trips the Upper Valley Community has to offer. He was connected to Positive Tracks through one of these trips, putting on a 5v5 soccer tournament in an effort to raise money and awareness for a scholarship fund in Nicaragua. Sam will attend Tufts University next year where he hopes to keep spreading the word about Positive Tracks and the power of the next generation.

Sam In 140 Characters Or Less: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” -Gandalf. Smile, get outdoors, be awesome.

Molly Vincent, 14

Molly is an eighth grade student at Auburn Middle School in Maine where she lives with her parents and brother. She enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and skiing. Someday, she hopes to be a surgeon in the U.S. Army. Molly has been working with Positive Tracks since 2014. Molly teamed up with her friend Ella Boucher to run in the Dempsey Challenge and support the Dempsey Center. They offer free cancer services and since they both had personal experiences with someone affected by cancer, this was a perfect fit. The girls put their love of sweets and baking to good use. They sold cupcakes and gave 100% of the proceeds to the Dempsey Center. During the summer and fall of 2014, the Cupcake Girls, the name given to them by their supporters, raised over $4,000 for the Dempsey Center and the Cupcake Girls have no plans to stop baking or participating in the Dempsey Challenge anytime soon. As Molly can often be heard saying, “a cupcake a day keeps the frowns away!”

Molly In 140 Characters Or Less: Happy, Supportive, Friend, Sister, Daughter,  Give back, Skiing, Soccer,  Starbucks, Middle School, Hilarious, Baker, Good Vibes, Determined.