Doug Lewis was pretty impressive in his first athletic career as a World Cup and two-time Olympic Downhill ski racer, even winning a bronze medal in the World Championships. But what he did afterwards, and is still doing today, is even more impressive. For over 20 years, Doug and his wife Kelley have run ELITEAM camps aimed at developing healthy, confident, “complete athletes“, through a hands-on approach to educating young people.

Sports Skills for Life: Rock wall climbing and ropes courses are used to teach focus, mental imagery skills and stress management. Mountain biking, running and agility exercises are used to understand the body’s physiological functions. Making healthy snacks in the kitchen and nutritionally evaluating a variety of foods, lets athletes discover how diet can affect their health and performance.

Taking on Challenges: Doug’s got a thing about challenges. He’s always got one that’s keeping him moving. “You have to put it out there to make it real!” Each camp is grounded by specific challenges which can range from knocking out 1000 pushups or burpees in a week to hauling rocks and sandbags around all day. Young athletes learn how to get through Doug’s challenges, laugh during the process, and walk away stronger inside and out.

As Doug says, “Ultimately, ELITEAM is a philosophy. It is a way of life where the focus is on fun, healthy living, learning, growing, setting goals, and pushing your limits, both mentally and physically.” It’s a whole lot of Good Sweat in action.

Positive Role Models: Doug and Kelley feel strongly about getting active and giving back, and share their ELITEAM expertise and wisdom with Positive Trackers. They provide the positive kick in the posterior that helps us all get moving! Get the full scoop on Doug, and take a look at cool and crazy stuff he does as a commentator for Universal Sports, like this run down the Utah Olympic Downhill.


Author, coach, raiser of children, and two-time Olympian Edie Thys Morgan is dedicated to keeping sports a positive force in the lives of kids. She talks about the many sides of sports, competition, coaching, growing up, and parenting in her blog Racer eX and her most recently published novel, Shut Up and Ski: Wipeouts, Shootouts and Blowouts on the Trail to the Olympic Dream.

Edie also cooks up Positive Snacks and other good stuff on her cooking blog, Bring It!. Edie and husband Chan are just a little bit obsessed with skiing and a lot obsessed with sports as a vehicle for all manner of growth and learning.

Their two sons, Chauncey and Ollie, are veteran Positive Trackers and ELITEAMERS who like to find creative ways to turn sweat into good. Their efforts started in 2007, at the inaugural CHaD HERO, when the Morgan boys sold drinks to benefit CHaD out of their Red Flyer wagon.

They also helped to spearhead ELITEAMERS’ 2013 initiative Pennies for Push-ups and Positive Snacks fundraising campaigns. And Ollie has embarked on his own Positive Steps mission to climb all 48 4,000 footers in NH.

Get the scoop on Edie here, and look for her voice throughout the Good Sweat Blog.