Patrick Dempsey

Positive Tracks relationship with Patrick Dempsey grew from a successful partnership with Dempsey Center, which Dempsey founded in his hometown, Lewiston, Maine, in 2008. Patrick devotes considerable time and passion to The Dempsey Challenge, an ever-growing event that allows Dempsey Center to deliver free cancer support to patients and families battling cancer. Patrick is very supportive of Positive Tracks’ mission, and came on board as an official spokesperson in 2009.

We had a blast at the 2016 Sweat For Good Summit and mobilized more next-generation youth advocates for the cause. We were particularly inspired by one energetic kid who bravely grabbed the microphone and announced, proudly, that he does not want to wait for adulthood to make a difference. He wants to make a difference today and work directly, passionately on an issue dear to his heart. That is when we understood the magic of Positive Tracks – an open-source platform that empowers the young to use their intelligence, leadership, and boundless energy to take direct action, today.  If the successes of these youth ambassadors are any indication, the 2032 Presidential election will field very strong leaders forged on the philanthropic sporting fields. I believe in the Positive Tracks program because it’s about so much more than just fundraising – it’s about kids connecting to and giving back to the world in a healthy, creative, and productive way.”

Read Dempsey’s contribution to Huffington Post: Sporting Youth Philanthropy.

Doug Lewis

Doug Lewis was impressive enough in his first athletic career as a World Cup and two-time Olympic Downhill ski racer, even winning a bronze medal in the World Championships. But what he did afterwards, and is still doing today, is even more admirable. For over 20 years, Doug and his wife Kelley have run ELITEAM camps aimed at developing healthy, confident, “complete athletes“, through a hands-on approach to educating young people. Doug works with Positive Tracks as a highly energized, Sweat For Good spokesperson, plus as a Good Sweat curriculum development consultant. In summer 2016, Positive Tracks will pilot its first two Good Sweat Camps in NH and MA. Doug will deliver our six-part Good Sweat curriculum focusing on delivering the “why” and “how” of philanthletics via games, fitness and fun. Check out Doug’s 100,000 Burpee Challenge to see him in action. Get the full scoop on Doug, and take a look at cool and crazy stuff he does as a commentator for Universal Sports, like this run down the Utah Olympic Downhill.

I’ve always been a proponent of giving back as an athlete and when I learned about Positive Tracks, the partnership felt like such a natural fit. Inspiring and educating young athletes to push their limits is so much fun. I love it when I can see an athlete build confidence in front of me when he/she accomplishes something they thought they’d never do!”

Ethan Zohn

The title of “Ultimate Survivor,” though earned many times over, does not do justice to Ethan Zohn. Throw pro soccer player, inventor, author, motivator, coach, sports commentator, hotty, celebrity athlete, TV host, global ambassador and megaphone for a generation into the mix and you get a little closer to comprehending the magnitude of his mojo. When Ethan won the actual title of Survivor, Africa in 2002, he used the $1 million prize to co-found Grassroot Soccer which helps fight AIDS with education and sports. To launch his youth-led movement Grassroot Soccer UNITED, he dribbled a soccer ball from Boston to Washington, DC. When he discovered he had Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2009, he beat it. And when the cancer returned in 2011, he ran another marathon – during chemotherapy – leading his GRS team. Ethan’s extensive charity work is aimed at launching and sustaining positive global social change through sports. All this is but a glimpse of what Ethan does. Get the full picture at, follow him on twitter @EthanZohn, and on Instagram: ethanzohn. His late father’s often-repeated words are his mantra:

“To make happiness real for others is truly the greatest gift.”

Majka Burhardt

As an author, professional climber, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, Majka Burhardt has spent two decades exploring the globe—usually by hand and foot—and her stories of challenge, humanity, and the fine line between extreme and acceptable risk continue to inspire audiences around the world.  As a keynote speaker and writer Majka champions “Additive Adventure”—when adventure goes beyond exploration to cultural and environmental connections. Majka has 16 years of experience producing multi-stage international ventures focused on current issues of cultural and global significance. Her first book Vertical Ethiopia: Climbing Toward Possibility in the Horn of Africa (2008) was short‑listed for the Banff Book Award. Her second book, Coffee Story: Ethiopia, was released in August 2011. In 2010, Majka produced Waypoint Namibia and the film was featured at international film festivals and shown on NBC’s Universal Sports. Majka is currently editing and producing Positive Tracks’ first inaugural film short documenting youth Trackers Charlie Harrison and Grant Bemis’ conservation trek up Mount Namuli.

Cameron Marshall

Cameron Marshall is not only a Leukemia survivor; he is the inspiration behind Cam’s Course, the 1M Fun Run at the CHaH HERO where Positive Tracks was founded. While Cam was fighting Leukemia at age 10, he founded B Positive 4 CHaD Kids, an initiative that continues to raise money to support families facing illness at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. The “Positive” in Positive Tracks was inspired by Cam’s amazing attitude and desire to help others even when facing intense personal hardship. We are proud to have Cam still working with Positive Tracks today.

“To me, Positive Tracks is an opportunity to work with heroic kids, helping others through positive, exciting actions – all while running the race of life!”