Mason McNulty’s List of Top Road-Blocks


1. PROBLEM: Communication issues with adults/authority. Sometimes your fundraiser might require use of a public space that an official has to sign off on, or sometimes you need to check with a neighborhood to make sure it’s okay if you run an event within earshot. And, sometimes the adults you need to get approval from are tough to work with. Maybe they’re forgetful, maybe they’re confused, and maybe they’re just not giving you the time of day.

SOLUTION: The best thing to do in this situation is to talk in person. It’s difficult to stress the importance of meeting face to face to discuss logistics. Best part about it: it’s hard to turn down a person that comes and speaks to you in person.

2. PROBLEM: You’re nervous to fundraise over social media. This is a totally normal feeling to have during a fundraiser. Just remember that you’re asking people to contribute to a worthy cause. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Don’t fear posting it as your status or changing your profile picture to reflect your fundraising efforts.

SOLUTION: If you’re really nervous to ask your friends to contribute, a great group of people to turn to are your friend’s parents. Chances are they will be very generous and will also encourage their children to reach out to you about it.

3. PROBLEM: Not reaching your fundraising goal. First off, not reaching an ambitious goal is nothing to worry about. Every charity is happy with any amount you can give.

SOLUTION: Your network is bigger than you probably understand. Check Facebook groups, group chats, people who send you holiday cards, your parents’ co-workers, your teammates, etc, and bug them!! Finally, the Positive Tracks team can help you set a realistic goal that you will be able to meet and exceed!

4. PROBLEM: No one is going to show up to my fundraiser. 

SOLUTION: Sometimes it’s hard to send a text asking someone to come to your fundraiser, but worst thing they say is no, and that’s really not that bad. Reach out directly and you have a way better shot of getting them to participate.

5. PROBLEM: The clock is ticking and you’re feeling behind. 

SOLUTION: Make a to-do list on a piece of paper and cross off each item one at a time. It’s never too late to create a plan, and crossing off a check list feels like a series of mini-accomplishments!

6. PROBLEM: You want to do another fundraiser for your cause, but you don’t know where to start.

SOLUTION: YAY for continuing fundraisers! It’s important to know that the network you establish and leverage in your previous fundraisers will probably be a group of people that you turn to again for help and participation, so it’s really important that you establish a good relationship with those who contributed in the past. Make sure to send everyone a Thank You note, whether they turned out on the day of the event, donated $100 dollars, or provided lemonade and cups as refreshments.

masonBy Mason McNulty, Co-Chair, Positive Tracks Youth Ambassador Board

Mason In 140 Characters Or Less: Teammate; cupcake connoisseur; never leave the office before your boss; strength to lead, faith to follow



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