Doug has tips for keeping fit anywhere, and shares one of his favorite workouts. Spoiler alert: If you’ve got a rock, you’ve got a gym.


By Doug Lewis

The Fitness Connection: Being fit helps you in every part of life. Obviously, it allows you to perform to your highest level in sports. However, fitness benefits your quality of life in many other important ways.

•    You sleep better.

•    You have more energy to do the things you want to.

•    You feel better eating to fuel your machine that is your body.

•    You can accomplish more.

•    You look better which gives you confidence to go out and be with friends.

•    It decreases stress on your heart and therefore your brain.

Commitment is your equipment: Being fit is relatively easy. It doesn’t take expensive equipment or top of the line bikes, or even a gym membership. It starts with a commitment and the next step is to just do it!

The greatest gym of all is free: I grew up in Vermont in the middle of nowhere, about six miles from the closest town. My gym was out my back door. It was running in the woods negotiating rocks and trees and puddles and rivers and fences. It was setting up obstacle courses on the side of a mountain. It was riding my bike to town if I wanted something. It was mowing the 3 acre lawn with an old push mower. And, it was finding things to carry and lift and throw.

Be creative. Have fun. Be safe, but go crazy: The key and the fun to working out naturally is that you can find a workout anywhere, be it in the mountains, a city park or a good set of stairs.

Let’s start with…Rocks: Find a rock. Smoother and rounder is better. It should weigh anywhere from 10-25 pounds. Don’t have a scale? Find one that you can lift with both hands above your head five times before you start to feel the burn in your arms. Bingo – you have just found your workout equipment.


•    Military Press – standing and lift over head with both hands – good stance

•    Sit up with Rock – hold on chest or experiment

•    One Arm Military Press – raise up over head – good stance

•    Rock Throw – Using two hands bend legs and throw rock far as you can. Walk to it, pick it up and repeat for 50 yards.

•    Russian Twists – V position and touch rock to opposite side that legs are on – back and forth.

•    Bent over Rows – Good stance – bend over at waist 90 degrees and starting with rock in both hands hanging down. Pull up into chest.

•    Trunk Twists – good wide stance – hold rock out in front with straight arms. Twist 90 degrees to left and then 90 degrees to right while hold rock out and level.

•     Leg-Rock-Lifts – Lying on back with arms underneath butt and straight legs. Balance rock on feet and do leg lifts.

•     Rock Squats – good stance and hold rock with both hands on chest. Squat down to 90 degrees and back up slowly.

•     Rock the Tris – One leg in front of the other and slightly bent at waist. Rock in one hand by hip and bent elbow. Slowly straighten arm and hold at top before lowering. Repeat.


No rock, find a log about 3 feet long that weighs the same as the rock.

No rock or log, fill an old pillowcase with sand.

No rock or log or sand, go to your fridge and grab a gallon milk jug, drink all of it, and then fill it with water – there’s your workout, buddy.



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