Who We Are

The Positive Tracks Partnership Alliance is the growing collaborative of our funding partners – corporations, foundations and philanthropists who believe in our vision and share the desire to bring our model to youth of all demographics and territories.

What’s In It For You

Why join the Positive Tracks Partnership Alliance? Because we are experts at engaging Generation Next. And we can help YOU enroll youth as social customers and impact partners. Together, we can secure a healthy, hopeful future.

CSR Alignment

Positive Tracks disrupts conventional approaches to teaching civic engagement and physical fitness by combining philanthropy with athletics. We call it “philanthletics.”

Positive Tracks Sweat For Good Curriculum and Launch Parties educate and activate youth in schools, nonprofits, community organizations and clubs. The Positive Tracks U23 Challenges Program provides high-impact, service learning opportunities and hands-on help from Positive Tracks staff and peer coaches.

Amplified Impact

Positive Tracks activates, supports and incentivizes youth to get active and give back. The results? Increased civic engagement and physical literacy across all youth demographics.

The Positive Tracks Charity Partner Program builds capacity of beneficiary charities to meaningfully engage youth, creating greater sustainability and resource for organizations across the globe.

Marketing & Brand Exposure

We secure nationwide brand exposure and content marketing opportunities alongside youth-driven events. We generate storytelling and content marketing assets for use by corporate partner social media and communications strategies.

We extend your brand to our youth audience, their parents, and the Positive Tracks umbrella of influencer groups including schools, sports teams, clubs, community organizations and nonprofit partners.

Employee & Client Engagement

We deliver sweat for good training, call to action and event opportunities to Positive Tracks Alliance Partners. Customized Launch Parties mobilize participation from employees, clients, families, providing compelling opportunities for unique employee and client engagement. The Positive Tracks CEO Mentor Program engages corporate leadership with opportunities to coach mobilized Positive Tracks U23 Challenge Captains of varying demographic and territory.

Interested In Hearing More?

Contact Nini Meyer or Liz Verney Kelsey

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