The Power Of Philanthletics

I believe in the power of love (philanthropy) and sweat (athletics) to make the world a better place – especially as a tool for youth, who often don’t have the resources, network or confidence to effect change. Using our own muscle and hearts to activate hope and change is constructive on many levels, ranging from personal empowerment to global improvement.

As an ultra marathoner and endurance cyclist myself, I’ve experienced the incredible feeling of sweating with thousands of strangers to build children’s hospitals, fund cancer research, improve education, promote social integration for the disabled, empower women, protect our planet, and fight HIV/AIDS. As a CEO, I’ve seen thousands of young people transformed and empowered by sweating for good for causes that shape their world and future. As a mother, I’ve watched my own two sons develop compassion and confidence through challenging, team building experiences stemming from involvement in charitable athletics.

The personal gains of giving back through athletics are many. The process of setting and reaching an athletic goal cultivates empathy, physical health, goal setting, perseverance, and self efficacy. Physical training demands struggle, effort and optimism. Building a team teaches leadership, guts and organization. Helping a cause takes compassion, human connection and problem solving.

If we can help ONE kid this much, imagine how we could impact an entire generation! Imagine what our world would look like with a million more active, passionate, sweat for good do-gooders in it! When something this powerful comes to focus, it needs a name. At Positive Tracks, we call it Philanthletics: Philanthropy + Athletics = Philanthletics. Where giving back meets going the extra mile.

Our goal is to make this disruptive way of looking at philanthropy accessible to all young people – to grow a movement around helping Generation Next give back using their own savvy and sweat. We seek to integrate philanthletics into daily lives: into schools, athletic clubs and family activities so that viewing philanthropy through an active, personal lens becomes a natural impulse. So that kindergarteners through graduate students learn they can help the world using something they already have – regardless of their age, race, or income bracket.

We’ve made great steps in little time because philanthletics is phun (not easy to spell). Fun, personally rewarding, and accessible to nearly every corner of the earth. What’s not to love?

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Nini Meyer
Founder & CEO