When you Sweat For Good the way Positive Trackers do, hydration is paramount! Teaching proper training, nutrition, and hydration practices is a fundamental of Positive Tracks Camps & Clinics. And nobody knows hydration better than our friends at CamelBak, who supply our campers with BPA-free PODIUM water bottles emblazoned with the Positive Tracks logo. CamelBak values creative, unconventional ideas and unusual solutions to common problems. They seek new ways to do things. They aren’t afraid to take risks. And especially because of CamelBak’s strong devotion to corporate social responsibility, people, and the environment, we’re proud to partner with CamelBak to help young people get active and give back.

The mission of The Couch Family Foundation is to strengthen the well-being and development of children and families by ensuring they have opportunities to achieve their fullest potential. And nothing unlocks youth potential (and sweat!) like getting active and giving back. Support from the Couch Family Foundation supports the expansion of Positive Tracks’ comprehensive programs and pathways.

The Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s goal is transformation through bold and proactive philanthropy. Gulf Coast Community Foundation supports Positive Tracks’ Charity Partner Program by underwriting Sweat For Good programming and a Positive Tracks Youth Challenge Grant delivered via the Run For The Turtles for Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. The Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s comprehensive Agenda for Action transcends traditional foundation grant making through initiatives that include: The Gulf Coast Innovation Challenge, Gulf Coast Good, and STEMsmart, among others.


With a focus on advancing youth philanthropy and healthy lifestyles, the Highland Street Foundation supports Positive Tracks Camps & Clinics in Massachusetts. The Foundation’s innovative Community Impact Consultants program has helped Positive Tracks secure the skilled personnel needed to develop and launch our Sweat For Good Curriculum which is taught through our Camps & Clinics. Highland Street Foundation is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of children and families in Massachusetts and California. Their philanthropic efforts provide access and opportunities in the areas of education, housing, mentorship, health care, environment and the arts.

The Hypertherm HOPE Foundation and Hypertherm Associates love and live the Sweat For Good mantra – so much so that they direct financial support and the muscles of their Associates and families to help expand Positive Tracks’ Charity Partner Program. Over the years Hypertherm’s HOPE Teams have awarded millions of dollars of grant support to hundreds of nonprofit organizations working on our shared mission of creating sustainable, positive change in the the community and environment. Combining financial funding with thousands of Associate volunteer hours accelerates Hypertherm’s impact wherever Associates live and work. Thanks to the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation, Positive Tracks was able to provide Sweat For Good programming and Positive Tracks Youth Challenge Grants to two new Charity Partners in 2016.

The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation believes strongly in the power of Generation Next. The Foundation supports Positive Tracks’ comprehensive youth programs taking place in Vermont and New Hampshire. Equally inspiring, the Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation underwrites Positive Tracks’ Youth Ambassador Board – an important advisory board comprised of U23s that provide vital insights and diverse perspectives to help inform Positive Tracks ambitious program growth. Based in Hanover, NH, the Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation generously supports youth, environment, and health & human service nonprofits across the Upper Valley.

There’s something special about believing in an idea from the beginning and staying true to an iconoclastic vision that activates Generation Next’s impact on the world while developing youth’s own philanthropic muscle and physical health. Support from Jane’s Trust was instrumental in providing the initial infrastructure and vision for Positive Tracks; and more recently, Jane’s Trust Foundation generously underwrites Positive Tracks’ research and evaluation efforts, allowing us to measure programmatic impact and youth skills development. Jane’s Trust was created through the beneficence of Jane B. Cook, who died in July 2002. Mrs. Cook was known as a down-to-earth, humble giver who was generous to the core. The Trust aims to continue the legacy Jane established during her lifetime.

Home to some of the most innovative companies, universities, and youth service organizations in the country, Boston is fast becoming a major program hub for Positive Tracks. Our friends at John Hancock believe strongly in the potential of Generation Next to become powerful leaders and change-makers, while also embracing healthy, active lifestyles. Through innovative programs and strategic partners, John Hancock is building stronger communities and supporting those in need – especially youth. Generous support from John Hancock underwrites Sweat For Good Curriculum Delivery, U23 Challenges Program, and Charity Partner engagement throughout Boston.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation supports Positive Tracks Camps & Clinics which provide the tools necessary for young people to use their own physical power and sweat to develop and healthy body. Equally exciting, Positive Tracks was recently nominated as a finalist for the Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire AMP Award, a program of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s fundamental goal is to build stronger communities and inspire greater giving through partnerships created with nonprofits, donors, leaders, and students. The Foundation manages a growing collection of 1,700 philanthropic funds created by generous individuals, families and businesses. These donors make it possible for the Foundation to award more than $30 million in grants and scholarships every year.

With a focus on advancing the practice of philanthropy, Newman’s Own Foundation is all about empowering people to do great things. We are thrilled to have Newman’s Own Foundation support the expansion of Positive Tracks Camps & Clinics – designed to share the virtues of philanthropy, active citizenship, and healthy lifestyles with young people.

If you like what you see when you’re wearing a Positive Tracks t-shirt, reading our annual report, or digging any and every piece of Positive Tracks collateral, then you have Zolo Founder Byron Glaser and Higashi-Glaser Designs to thank. The uber creative and dedicated Glaser ensures that the look, feel and life of Positive Tracks will forever inspire youth and adults alike with an energized, positive vibe of fun, movement and heart. Dedicated to freedom of play for all—girl and boy, old and young, left brain and right brain—ZoLO’s purpose is to bring out the creative best in each one of us, that we may together shape a better world, while most importantly, we enjoy much more fun along the way.