Photo of Grant Bemis by Rob Frost Media for The Lost Mountain Film & Expedition

A month ago I finished up my time volunteering on the Lost Mountain Project in Mozambique and Malawi. My time in Africa was a compilation of intense, non-stop, awe-inspiring experiences; difficult to appreciate all of it while it was happening. I was there as a volunteer, and an ambassador for Positive Tracks, a national, youth-centric nonprofit that helps young people get active and give back using the power of sport and adventure (I raised money for Lost Mountain’s Positive Tracks Youth Fundraising Challenge).

What stands out to me most from the whole adventure is not the beautiful sights, the grueling hikes, or the amazing accomplishments, but the people that made all of these events and experiences possible. Our very eclectic group of wildly talented individuals made the Lost Mountain Project a success, and was the highlight of the entire trip.

Our group included elite climbers, world class videographers, international scientists and environmentalists. At first, I was a little concerned how everyone was going to get along, as each of us was so different from every other. To my relief, by the end of our first day on Mt. Mulanje in Malawi, any worry I had was gone. I quickly found that we all shared highly adventurous spirits and that we all liked to have fun. This, plus plenty of helpful, directional guidance from our leader, Majka Burhardt, made for a truly awesome expedition. Although we were only able to spend just over a month together, the friends made on the Lost Mountain will never be forgotten. In such a short amount of time we lived a lifetime of memories and made life long friendships. These great people and my time spent with them were life changing, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

There are so many projects worldwide to participate in, I encourage anyone interested in making a difference to follow their dreams.  The Lost Mountain dream isn’t over for any of us yet, either– the media team is putting together a full documentary film as well as a Positive Tracks Gen Next Short Film to share the story.  I’ll be involved in those as well.  I’m also designing my next great adventure as we speak, inspired by all that I learned on this one.  What’s in store for me down the road is still a work in progress, but I am liking the direction things are heading.

Grant Bemis

Read Trading A Cap and Gown For a Harness & Helmet: Grant’s Lost Mountain Take-off Story on the Lost Mountain Blog for more Bemis, Burhardt and the rest of the 18 person team of biologists, conservationists, film and production crew. 


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