Positive Tracks cultivates strategic collaboration with philanthropic individuals, foundation and corporate funding partners who share our vision to help young people turn sweat into meaningful civic action.

To join the Positive Tracks Funding Alliance, partners can give to Positive Tracks to help fund its model and support all 12 charity partners, or they can give to one Positive Tracks charity partner and earmark funds to raise the Positive Tracks Youth Fundraising Match.

No matter how you give, becoming a Positive Tracks Funding Partner is an attractive proposition because:

• The need is real. You’re helping thousands of Positive Tracks participants reap the rewards of physical activity, the outdoors, community and hands-on philanthropy.

• The impact is 12-fold. You’re not just activating thousands of kids, you’re helping 12 charity partners, too – and all the people and places served by those charities!

• Multiple charity partners adds up to broad brand reach for Positive Tracks Funding Partners. This year, 12 charity partners will host 165 athletic events in 30 states and 4 countries, engaging 36,815 youth participants. See demographics below to view aggregate social media impressions and volunteer, donor, and spectator audiences engaged. If you give $25,000 or more, your brand appears across all 12 charities at all athletic events on Positive Tracks t-shirts, banners and marketing collateral. See our Values & Benefits Partnership Deck for details.

• Our sweet spot is leverage. We create 4:1 matching opportunities for sponsors and partners who want to maximize the impact and exposure of their gift.

• You’re supporting a turnkey program that’s helping you manage relationships with multiple charities and multiple youth audiences. Positive Tracks does the work, and pulls you in when you want to be pulled in.

• As a Funding Partner for Positive Tracks, you have a voice. We look to our stakeholders to help us grow an innovative, global, youth-leadership model that uses the platform of sport as agent for youth-activated social change.

Donors may also give via through our website, here. Thank you for your interest in supporting Positive Tracks, and please contact us to talk more about partnership opportunities.

Many thanks to current Positive Tracks Funding Partners. Please visit our FacebookTwitter, and Success Stories pages for inspiring proof of the impact of their support.

The Positive Tracks Program is administered by YIPPEE Foundation, Inc., which is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Positive Tracks and YIPPEE Foundation are tax deductible under 170 of the code. Positive Tracks and YIPPEE Foundation are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the code. Tax ID# 45-5086315.


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