Good Sweat includes all the activities that makes us stinky but happy. It’s what makes us stronger, healthier, more confident and capable in all the things we do. Good Sweat feeds our body and spirit with energy and a sense of accomplishment.


Anyone who pursues sport as a means to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, and who loves the process as much as the game, has got Good Sweat. When you’ve got Good Sweat, you know that no matter how much fun it is to win, struggle adds up to more than glory!


Being an athlete isn’t just about exercise. It’s about getting the most benefit out of your efforts. Doug Lewis at ELITEAM calls this “The Complete Athlete“, and he’s identified a few biggies that go along with becoming a complete athlete:

1. Fitness Foundation: Cardio, strength and agility are the foundation you need for whatever sport you choose. With a little creativity you can build Rock Solid Fitness anywhere.

2. Goal Setting: How and why to set them; how to stay motivated; how does goal setting affect decision making in life beyond athletics?

3. Sportsmanship: It really is how you play the game.

4. Mental strength: You can train your mind like you train your body – ultimately, this is what sets champions apart.

5. Nutrition: How you eat and drink directly influences your performance – whether you are walking a 5K, playing a pick-up game, busting a Hula Hoop record, or running a marathon.

6. Putting the Pieces Together: a whole lot goes into performing your best. The key is getting the most out of what you learn, and applying this to all aspects of life.

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