Are my donations to Positive Tracks tax-deductible?

Yes!  Positive Tracks is a public charity and exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID# 45-5086315.

I want to raise money for a charity and have a great fundraising idea. Can I use Positive Tracks to help me get organized and match the funds I raise? 

To participate in the Positive Tracks program, you must be interested in raising funds for a current Positive Tracks Charity Partner. We vet each Charity Partner and partnering athletic event. Our goal is to provide multiple and varied charities and corresponding athletic events so that Positive Tracks participants have several means of making the world awesome.

Will Positive Tracks still match the money I raise for a Positive Tracks Charity Partner if I do not participate in the athletic event benefiting the Charity Partner?

Absolutely! You can support a Positive Tracks Charity Partner any time of the year from anywhere in the world. As long as you’re registered via the athletic event’s website as a virtual participant, Positive Tracks matches every dollar you raise through independent fundraising projects, doubling your contribution to the designated charity and providing you with an easy mechanism and website to execute your fundraising. Your funds will accrue and double via your personal fundraising page on the athletic event’s website.  Registering as a virtual participant is free.

Where do the dollars I raise through Positive Tracks actually go?

All of the funds you raise, plus the dollars doubled by Positive Tracks, go to the Positive Tracks Charity Partner.

Why is the Positive Tracks program linked to athletic events?

Positive Tracks is linked to charitable athletic events because they provide Positive Trackers with many built-in essentials: a starting line; the motivation to get moving; goals and deadline; an electronic fundraising mechanism; team-building and leadership opportunities; a mobilized community; and a worthy charity to support. Most importantly, athletic events are healthy, fun and inspiring! Beyond all this: Nothing feels quite like being a part of the positive energy and momentum an athletic event brings to a community of motivated people.

Once I’m registered in a Positive Tracks athletic event, do I need to actually sign up for Positive Tracks in order for my fundraising dollars to be doubled?

No sign up is required. Eligibility for the Positive Tracks match is automatic once you register on a Charity Partner’s event website.

I’m participating in a Positive Tracks athletic event on a team that has adult members. Will their dollars be matched, too? And what does “youth-powered” mean?

If your athletic event team is youth-powered, your entire team’s funds will be doubled. Youth-powered means that at least half of your team members are age 23 or under.  If your team qualifies, it doesn’t matter whether your captain is youth or adult, all of your team members’ fundraising dollars will be doubled, including funds raised or donated by adults. We believe that an important component of Positive Tracks is young people inspiring adults to get involved.  It’s a win/win for all!

Does my athletic event registration fee qualify for the Positive Tracks match?

Yes. By registering in a Positive Tracks charitable athletic event, you are supporting a charity. If you are age 23 or under, your entrance fees will be doubled by Positive Tracks. Many of our athletic events allow volunteers to fundraise, too. Check out this option if you’re interested in raising funds this way.

Some of my fundraising activity has brought in cash and checks. How do I transfer this money to my personal fundraising page on the athletic event’s website?

No problem. Contact your Positive Tracks coordinator for help. Your coordinator can help transfer your funds directly to the benefiting organization to make sure this money is reflected on your fundraising page.

Can I use positivetracks.org for fundraising or registering for a Positive Tracks athletic event?

No. www.positivetracks.org is used to provide programmatic information, to spotlight our partners, spokespersons, and participants, and archive youth efforts. You can also use this website to donate to Positive Tracks or join a Positive Tracks event team fundraising for Positive Tracks itself. All other Positive Tracks fundraising dollars are accrued and doubled through your personal fundraising page on the websites of our charity partners or their athletic events.

I’m interested in becoming a corporate or philanthropic funding partner and I’m not sure I understand how the Positive Tracks funding mechanism works. What are my options and whom do I talk to?

Positive Tracks cultivates innovative collaboration and strategic partnerships with other foundations and corporate partners who share our vision. This enables us to multiply resources reach more young people with our call to action. If you’re interested in becoming a Positive Tracks funding partner, sponsor or donor, please visit For Funders or contact Nini Meyer. Thank you!

If I’m over 23 and I donate to a youth participant and/or youth team or project, will my donation be matched?

Yes. All donations to participants age 23 or under, and to youth-powered teams, will be matched.

I’m organizing a fundraiser, and want to donate partial funds to a Positive Tracks Charity Partner, but partial funds to another organization, too. Is this possible?

Yes. Some Positive Tracks independent projects raise money for more than one charity. We support these initiatives wholeheartedly, but Positive Tracks programmatic support is possible only if at least 60% of funds are donated to a Positive Tracks Charity Partner.  Positive Tracks matches funds raised for Positive Tracks Charity Partners, but not funds raised concurrently for other charities.

I’m a youth fundraiser and interested in using your tools to help me raise money and awareness for charity. Could you point me in the right direction, please?

Absolutely!  Download our GO-Kit Tools for “give back” and “get active” tips, logo use, sample fundraising letter, pitch builder, language describing Positive Tracks, style guide, and creative fundraising ideas.

I’m from the media, and would like to see boilerplate language, youth testimonials, impact numbers and quotes from Positive Tracks spokespersons and Founder.

Please see style guide and media pages.

I’m still confused. Help. . .?

Let’s talk! For general questions about the Positive Tracks program, please contact us. For specific questions related to a particular athletic event or its Charity Partner, please contact the corresponding Positive Tracks Coordinator.