The Positive Tracks Charity Partner Program plugs into charitable athletic events to help youth participants sweat for good for several carefully selected Charity Partners. In addition to helping youth build teams and community and develop essential leadership skills and healthy life-style habits, we double every dollar raised by ages 23 and under. We not only incentivize young people to get active and give back, but they also help charities build youth engagement platforms through our turn-key program.

Partnership Power

Every dollar raised by youth and matched by Positive Tracks goes to our Charity Partners to benefit the people and places they serve.

•    A Positive Tracks Youth Challenge Grant typically ranging from $25,000 to $100,000. Size of grant is determined according to a variety of criteria, and is by invitation only.

•    Positive Tracks Toolkits for Youth, Coordinators and Charity Partners: Simple and effective set of guidelines, templates, exercises and resources field-tested over a five-year period.

•    Positive Tracks personnel’s acumen and hands-on consultation to both youth participants and Positive Tracks Coordinators based at each charity.

•    National visibility for Charity Partners and youth, who are highly motivated by seeing their achievements and pictures online, especially with celebrity spokespersons Patrick Dempsey, Ethan Zohn, Travis Roy, Doug Lewis and Majka Burhardt.

•    Positive Tracks Sweat For Good Summit where youth, leadership, coordinators, partners, and the Positive Tracks Youth Ambassador Board convenes for workshops, sharing, networking and brainstorming to help youth activate change.

See a list of 2017 Positive Tracks Charity Partner Program Events, or contact Emily Gardner for questions and support.