Dear Generation Next,

First of all: we are in awe of you. Let’s put that out there.

We see how savvy you are. We see how much you care. And we want to help you supportĀ the organizations you love.

We provide free counsel on fitness, leadership, team building, and everything you need to get active and give back. We’ll even match your dollars if fundraising is your thing.

What do we mean by get active? Join an existing athletic event or tournament. Or by organizing your own dodge ball tournament or trail run. If you’re game to move, we’re game to help.

What do we mean by give back? Participate, mobilize friends, mentor, educate, fundraise. Or all of the above. You choose; we help.

So get in the game, guys. You got this, and we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Apply to our U23 Challenges Program to be a captain and organize your own effort. Or see a calendar of events you can join. If you have questions, contact Liz Gray below!