We believe that youth want to leave a positive mark on the world. Positive Tracks exists to help youth do just that through something they love – athletics. When kids believe they can:  they engage, they lead, they organize, they recruit, they communicate, they mobilize.

Positive Tracks provides free hands-on help and online tools to support kids through the process of building solutions to societal challenges using their own bodies and minds. This experience provides the playing field to ignite innate compassion and show young people their full potential.

Our data shows that cause-related athletics catalyzes a self-fulfilling loop: getting active for a cause feels GOOD, physically and emotionally. Sweating for good encourages fitness, emotional intelligence, empathy, team-building, self-efficacy, healthy risk-taking and more. It’s habit-forming. The Challenges teach a wide-range of practical skills including leadership, event planning, community engagement, nutrition, public speaking, marketing, communications, and entrepreneurship.

And it’s working. See our full youth impact evaluation. By year end, we’ll have engaged 52,000+ youth partners who, together, will have logged 282,000+ miles to raise $9,000,000+ million for causes that shape their communities and world.

We rally youth, foundations, philanthropists and corporations to join the movement. Contact us to learn more.

Positive Tracks is a national nonprofit organization which relies on gifts from private donors, corporate partners and foundations. Gifts are exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to Positive Tracks are tax deductible. Positive Tracks’ EIN: 45-5086315.