Our mission is simple: We help Generation Next sweat for good. 

We help youth get active and give back to empower kids – as partners, participants and leaders – in creating a better world, starting with themselves. We exist because we believe that kids need fun, active pathways to help causes they care about. We believe that doing good is good for you.  And we believe that nothing rivals the power of sport to mobilize and unite people of all backgrounds, abilities and demographics.

We call it philanthletics (philanthropy + athletics = philanthletics) and we’re pretty sure that we’re onto something special. Our formula has been confirmed by Cone Communications as unique: no other nonprofit in the country combines athletics with philanthropy at the meta-level to build a national youth culture of active generosity so kids can give back, making themselves stronger and healthier, emotionally and physically, in the process.

Getting active because physical activity reverses the health and wellness crisis while building strong foundations for lifelong learning and health.

Giving back because empathy is key to leadership, team building and a host of other positive behaviors that make for healthier, happier lives.


How do we make philanthletics happen? We provide key essentials: hands on help and expertise, volunteer peer coaches, event insurance, equipment, matching dollars if fundraising is your thing, swag, and electronic pages to help kids raise dollars and awareness for organizations that shape their communities and world.

Youth ages 23 and under (U23) get involved with Positive Tracks through two pathways:

1. U23 Challenges Program helps young people sweat for good for causes THEY choose doing the activity THEY choose (think a youth-led dodge-ball tournament for hunger).

2. Charity Partner Program plugs into existing charitable athletic events to help youth support organizations Positive Tracks has already chosen to benefit (think The Dempsey Challenge hosted by The Dempsey Center).


By the end of 2017, 52,000+ youth will turn 280,000+ miles of athletic activity into $9,000,000+ for organizations that shape their communities and world. We’re not slowing down until one million youth know that Positive Tracks is poised and ready to help them find a starting line.


We rally youth, foundations, philanthropists and corporations with an inclusive, mobilized call to action: Run. Jump. Get Into The Game. Contact us to learn more!

Positive Tracks is a national nonprofit organization which relies on gifts from private donors, corporate partners and foundations. Gifts are exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to Positive Tracks are tax deductible. Positive Tracks’ EIN: 45-5086315.